Magellan Health, Inc. has contracted with the Mental Health Association to hold focus groups with Magellan members, to gather more information about consumer experiences and needs. There will be a focus groups held in all regions of the state.  If you wish to take part in the process please join us.  This is an opportunity to get your voice heard.  Please contact Melissa Lemmer or Madeline Hendrix at (402) 441-4371 with questions or comments.

The Mental Health Association of Nebraska (MHA-NE) is a consumer-run, voluntary not-for-profit statewide association with Chapters located in communities throughout Nebraska. MHA-NE brings together service recipients, families, professionals, advocates and concerned citizens to address all aspects of mental health and mental illness.

We are dedicated to ensuring that public mental health policy is just, fair and promotes equality and opportunity.

MHA-NE supports freedom for individuals with mental illness. Freedom to take advantage of any of life’s opportunities. Freedom to decide where one lives, works; and the important thing they will do with their lives, the relationships they establish, how they chose to contribute to their community, and what services they will use.

  • Year Established:  1999, recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2001
  • Received 3 year Accreditation from CARF International in 2015
  •  Nebraska’s only consumer-run mental health organization in the state
  • Only organization in the state to provide peer-directed services including:

Employment Support

H.O.P.E. Program:  providing participant directed supported employment services to adults living with severe mental health issues.
Comprehensive Benefits Analysis:  providing complete benefits analysis so people can make informed choices regarding employment.

Diversion Services

Keya House: the only crisis diversion house in the Midwest provides adults a safe location to work on maintaining wellness and recovery.
Lincoln Police Department Referral:  trained peers providing follow-up services to individuals identified by LPD during routine mental health investigations.

Education and Advocacy

Wellness/Recovery education:  for adults wishing to learn about mental health issues and developing strategies to maintain their wellness.
Academic Clinical Support:  providing clinical study opportunities to students at SECC, Doane College and Nebraska Wesleyan University.
Individual and System Advocacy:  staff provide ongoing advocacy for system transformation at the local, state and federal levels.

The organization is commended for its development and execution of peer-run services designed to serve a population that may be otherwise incarcerated, hospitalized, devalued, and traumatized by traditional behavioral health systems. The outstanding efforts to improve the quality of life and overall wellness of the persons served, the community, and each other are noteworthy. The organization strives to restore dignity and instill hope with a unique and very impactful approach utilizing peers who provide a real connection based on shared experience and understanding. Each peer supporter in a testament to the power of healing when given acceptance, compassion, unconditional positive regard, and support. The organization’s innovative approach includes the development of a unique alliance with law enforcement, creating a collaborative relationship that dramatically improves the outcomes. As a result of its positive outcomes in services, the organization is sought across the state and country to assist in training and development of like programs.
CARF International

3 Year CARF Accreditation!

  • August 31, 2015

We recently received word that we were awarded full (3 year) accreditation from CARF International.